Media Training

Courtesy: Channel 4 News / ITN

Five reasons why you need media training – and need it now.

  • In these days of ever faster-moving communications, a company can find itself in the media spotlight very quickly, for a variety of reasons. If it happened to your business, would you be prepared to be interviewed for radio, television or newspapers? Giving a poor interview, or refusing to comment at all, can be extremely damaging.
  • Media training will help you understand how journalism works, and how a company’s handing of the media can make or break its reputation. With the right approach, a negative story can even be turned into a positive one.
  • Maybe your company isn’t getting enough media attention, and you want to raise your profile with some good coverage. Training will enable you to tailor your message to the appropriate media, and deliver it in a confident and personable manner.
  • Media training will also improve the way you communicate in many other important areas of work, such as giving presentations, addressing staff meetings, and handling difficult conversations with colleagues or clients.
  • We’re not forgetting the social media – who could? They can be great for promoting a business, but what if someone posts a critical comment or false rumour about your company, and it spreads like wildfire? In this day and age it’s vital to know the right way to respond.

Bowater Communications offers media training led by an award-winning journalist and campaigner who has worked extensively on both sides of the camera. Alexis Bowater has a wealth of experience in both conducting live interviews, and being interviewed herself, on national television, as well as on radio and in print. As a successful campaigner she is an expert in using her understanding of the media’s needs to ‘own’ her story and get her message across in the way she wants it to be received.

The practical training offered by Bowater Communications is tailored to each client’s individual needs and priorities. We find out your story, and explore the best way to tell it. The training gives an insight into how journalists operate, along with coaching in interview technique to build up confidence, using realistic on-camera role-play and playback facilities. It covers what to wear, how to anticipate and deal with difficult questions, and how to steer the interview in the direction you want, rather than letting the interviewer take control.

We also look at how to respond on social media if a critical statement or negative rumour about your company is doing the rounds, as well as how to use that speed and immediacy of communication to your company’s advantage, if you are being featured in the other, more mainstream, media.

You will go forward with a better understanding of how all forms of media work, and how to anticipate situations in which your company might come to the attention of journalists or influential social media users. You will also know how to use this understanding to create positive news about your business. You won’t be worried about doing radio, TV or print interviews, or acting as the spokesperson for a PR campaign. All this can be used to help you draw up a full media strategy for your business, which you can develop further, with our help if you like, over the coming months and years.

“Alexis is a highly skilled media professional and I have no hesitation in recommending her to any organisation who wants to improve the way they communicate.” Jane Harvey, Journalist/Film maker, Communications Consultant.

Alexis demonstrates her years of professional experience both in front of the camera, and in awareness raising, very well… She is very engaging, and instil great calm and reassurance, this has been fed back by other colleagues who said they were extremely nervous initially but that Alexis drew them out of this and encouraged them to be more confident.” Laura Higgins, Online Safety Operations Manager at UK Safer Internet Centre/South West Grid for Learning.

“I went from being apprehensive about facing the media to actually quite enjoying it. It was done in a relaxed and clever way and at no stage did I feel uncomfortable. Alexis is professional and extremely knowledgeable about the media, how they work and the sort of things they might throw at you. I felt it enhanced my skill set and has given me the confidence to speak to the media whenever needed.” Jack Parkinson, General Manager, Exeter Racecourse.