Venus Awards 2016: Devon

Alexis Bowater, Regional Partner

I’m Alexis Bowater, the Regional Partner for the NatWest Venus Awards in Devon. I am beyond excited to be taking over as Regional Partner this year for the Devon Venus Awards. The Venus Awards has been extremely successful here in Devon and I’m working hard to make it even more so this year.

We had two very successful years. That has meant the awards has a strong reputation locally and sponsors are now coming forward wanting to be involved, which is putting me in touch with many more businesses than I could reach on my own.

We want to hear from you or any other company wishing to recognise, support and engage with women in their local business community. So please pick up the phone or ping us an email so we can have a chat about how your business can help lead the women in business agenda.

Devon Venus Awards

Of all the regions in the Venus Awards family of events, the Devon Venus Awards is the stand-out performer. The “buzz” for the Awards in Devon just grows and grows!

Last year over 350 guests attended the glamorous and exclusive “social event of the business calendar” – the Venus Awards Ceremony. This year we are anticipating even greater numbers and to welcoming a select group of inspirational and successful local women in business into the very exclusive Venus Awards Winners Circle.

So if you wish to mingle and tingle with the Sponsors, Finalists, media, and guests from across Devon book your ticket now!

Applications and nominations open on 17th May. So get ready to apply!  The 2016 award ceremony will be held on the 18th November. In order to view all relevant dates, head over to our event calendar.